We threw an online conference to show you how to throw an online conference.

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So, what is it?

  • A tactical, informative event to show you how to throw a conference in a virtual world.
  • A 4-hour conference filled with 10+ keynotes on leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

We've been throwing online events for over a decade, and now we're getting ready to take our well-honed skills and put them to YOUR use! If you've been struggling to figure out what your next move is, tune in to OnlineCon and get the creative juices flowing.

Now is the time to pull a full on Ross Gellar and PIVOT. We want to live in a realm of possibility not pessimism. Let's all innovate together with an online conference in one hand and a quartini in the other. Yes, there will be a cocktail hour.

Who you'll hear from:

They'll be blowin' your socks off, so be sure to have a few extra pairs on hand.

John C. Maxwell

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author & Speaker

Grow Your Leadership

Growth requires intentionality. You have the potential to transform your leadership, and the key to unlocking that potential lies in your growth. Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better.

Kiley Reid

Author of New York Times Best Seller Such A Fun Age

The Power of Language

How to utilize the power of language and speech to captivate your audience. Learn how to express your voice amidst our new normal.

Karen Houghton

Vice President, Atlanta Tech Village

Together-ish: Leading with resilience, clarity, and empathy in a global pandemic.

Running a company during a global pandemic means you have to lead in a way that navigates your business and team from surviving to actually thriving. It's challenging, but the good news is it's not impossible. Learn how to bring your people on the journey into the new normal with you.

Dean Jones

Director of Conferences & Events, RCMA

Events and Conferences in the New Normal

Bring to table win-win strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal has evolved on the runway heading towards a streamlined cloud solution.

Emma Pitts

Founder & CEO, PullSpark

Do You Remember When

The things you remember are the things you talk about! At PullSpark we believe that every event is an opportunity to make a memory for your attendees. Whether virtual or in person you have a chance to connect! We'll teach you 7 ingredients to create the most engaging and memorable event for your attendees.

Jamie Minton

Founder & CEO, LeaderPass

Your Online Conference Platform

Every online conference and virtual event needs a simple to use platform. One that handles lead generation, registration, security, streaming, real-time engagement, and on-demand monetization. Learn how to leverage LeaderPass and deliver your event to a live & on-demand audience of 200 or 200,000.

Joel "Thor" Neeb

CEO, Afterburner

Adjusting From a Peacetime Mindset to a Wartime Mindset

Learn what it means to transition your leadership from a peacetime mindset to wartime mindset. Hear from a F-15 pilot and tactical leader of one of the top-five largest software companies in the world about adjusting in a time of crisis.

Brooke Beach

CEO, MarketWake

My Event Is Online, Now What?

How to market an online event without losing attendees, sponsorships or revenue. Your checklist to a successful Online or Hybrid event, and why great marketing is more important than ever.

Michael Wilkinson

CEO & Managing Director, Leadership Strategies

The 6Ps of Preparation for Virtual Conferences

This presentation focuses on the basics of the 6Ps of Preparation including how to Inform, Excite, Empower, and Involve your participants from the start. You will learn the importance of beginning with purpose, techniques for getting the most of out the virtual environment, how to identify and combat potential issues, and how to give your audience takeaways that have a lasting impact.

Stephanie Holcombe

Director of Events, The John Maxwell Enterprise

Creating Moments of Connection in an Isolated World

How to lead and mobilize people globally, offering different solutions on what “digital events” can look like. You still have a voice that needs to be heard, so leverage the tools you have in your arsenal to redefine what a successful event is for you!

Craig Kornblum

Principal/Owner, Jeckil Promotions

SWAG companies pivot to meet the demands of an ever-changing “New Normal”

Many SWAG companies have pivoted from selling traditional branded merchandise to selling all types of PPE. Learn how Jeckil is providing unique ways to incorporate SWAG into their virtual events, conferences, trade shows and incentive trips.

Clay Scroggins

Author & Lead Pastor, Buckhead Church

5 Shifts of Online Church

Our churches are changing rapidly and we cannot stay the same. In this talk, Clay Scroggins will unpack the five most significant shifts every church needs to make in order to fully leverage technology to reach as many people as possible.

Trey McKnight

Host, OnlineCon

President of BigStuf Camps, Emcee, performer, great leader, former firefighter...what can this guy not do? Trey has been hosting online events for over 10 years and we’re thrilled to have him steering the ship for OnlineCon.

Chris Cauley

Vocalist, Music Director, Owner of Four Carsons Entertainment

Join us for a special performance with Chris Cauley, music director and vocalist who's live event experiences include touring as an artist, being a part of NBC’s The Voice, and working with A-list artists & producers.

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Throwing an online conference to show people how to throw an online conference.

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